Dr. Brian Beutel, PT, DPT

Brian has always been fascinated by the potential and resiliency of the human body. He earned his doctorate in physical therapy in 2010 from Arcadia University and has been treating in outpatient since then. Post graduate studies have taken him around the country and he utilizes his (perpetual!) continuing education experiences to treat the entire patient, not just the parts. He has worked in a variety of settings including private practice, hospital, and even within a chiropractic facility. Brian joined the awesome team at Robbins Rehabilitation in 2017 and has been honored to be a catalyst for healing and positive change in each and every patient he meets. He is passionate about life, love, and the healing arts and is committed to providing a holistic caring environment to facilitate the best rehabilitation experience.

Brian is greatly interested in strength training applications within physical therapy, and beyond, to treat chronic and acute pain. He is most fascinated by the circus arts and bodyweight athletic population, but also treats a variety of orthopedic conditions with education, manual therapy, corrective strategies (and a little humor!).

Brian is married to the love of his life, Kara, and they have one young son, Brandon. They love to exercise, travel, eat good food, and just hang out (sometimes, quite literally) spending quality time together. Brian’s family loves to spend time in the air and you can find them playing on trapeze, lyra, aerial silk, and other fun apparatuses. He enjoys coffee dates with his wife and playing any number of silly made-up games with his son. While he specializes in physical therapy, he is a true grandmaster of “dad jokes”.

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