Holly Burns, PT, DPT

Holly has been a physical therapist since she graduated in 2013 from Widener University and has worked at Robbins Rehabilitation her entire physical therapy career. Holly’s first career was as a ballerina in which she danced for 16 years, but ended up having to leave dance as a result of injuries. After finishing her career at Ballet Austin in Austin, TX, she knew she still wanted to play a role in the world of dance. Having been in physical therapy multiple times, she knew physical therapy would be a perfect way to use her experiences to help dancers and nondancers return to their daily lives and activities pain free and injury free.

Holly and her husband Tom both grew up in New Jersey and currently live in the woods of Annandale with their dog, Jax. In their free time they enjoy snowboarding, hiking, going to the beach, and traveling. Holly also enjoys exercising and finds that staying fit helps make her life and her job much easier.

Holly has thoroughly enjoyed working with the public and being a part of returning her patients to pain free living. She also loves the always changing and never ending learning that comes with being a physical therapist. Working at Robbins Rehabilitation has allowed her to treat each person individually and give the best patient care possible. She now specializes in the treatment of dance-related injuries and educating dancers and dance teachers about injury prevention through workshops and coaching.

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