Navigating the US healthcare system can be confusing and challenging for many of us. People often end up spending way more money than they should. Here is what you can do to maximize your healthcare dollars.

2020 Was quite a roller coaster for all of us. Full of challenges and adjustments in our every day lives. As we adjust to our “New Normal” I have had a lot of discussion with our patients on how to navigate the healthcare system to effectively maximize their healthcare dollars. Many of us have had to tighten up our spending habits. Thinking about how you invest in your health is part of that.

I have known for a long time that Physical Therapy is the MOST EFFECTIVE and LEAST EXPENSIVE form of care available for musculoskeletal disorders. Am I a little biased as a PT? Of course I am! However, there is some pretty alarming data to back up this claim.

Did you know: according to the Peterson Center of Healthcare, the U.S. PER CAPITA HEALTHCARE SPENDING IS $10,209 WHICH IS MORE THAN 2X THE AVERAGE OF OTHER DEVELOPED COUNTRIES such as Germany, France, Canada, Japan, the UK and more:

Many of us know that we spend MUCH more on healthcare in the US as compared to other countries. The actual numbers are alarming. If we are spending all this money, we must be really healthy right? Unfortunately, that is WRONG. According to analysis of the most recent date from the Bloomburg Global Health Index whose data comes from the World Healthcare Organization, the U.S. DOESN’T EVEN CRACK THE TOP 30.


One of the primary reason we aren’t getting much bang for our buck is that our country spends large chunks of money on things that DON’T LEAD TO A HEALTHIER LIFE. We spend a lot of our healthcare dollars on things that don’t actually get us better such as pain medication, diagnostic testing, and unnecessary MRI’s. I personally have had an MRI that cost $1,500 at an outpatient facility and that same MRI at the hospital cost me $18,000! This is clearly a broken system. The Institute Of Medicine has estimated that a whopping 30% of U.S. healthcare spending goes to unnecessary, ineffective, overpriced, and WASTEFUL SERVICES.

It may be my life’s mission to educate our patients and the general public on the effectiveness of physical therapy and how it saves money while creating much better outcomes. That second part is really the key. All the running around to specialists, getting tests, and taking drugs doesn’t really move you towards recovery. You actually have to initiate treatment to make progress and get back to your life.

So what should you do?

For the reasons above, I always encourage our patients to call your physical therapist first! This will help you effectively maximize your healthcare dollars. If you are having pain in your muscles, joints, or spine the Physical Therapist’s office is the BEST place for you to go and DON’T WAIT! The sooner you get evaluated and start treatment, the sooner you feel better! Small problems become big problems, the longer you wait to address them so just call your PT. Calling your PT first also saves you money! I know it can be hard to make decisions when it comes to your health. Physical therapy still costs money but, as you can see, the overall cost of your care SIGNIFICANTLY DECREASES IF YOU GO TO PT FIRST.

-Todd Robbins MSPT, FAFS

Here at Robbins Rehabilitation East, we offer Free Physical Therapy evaluations. If you have an issue you want to get checked out, save yourself some money come see us first! CLICK HERE to request an appointment today.

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