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Dance Therapy at Robbins Rehabilitation East

Are you suffering from dance-related pain? Are you tired of searching for results only to be disappointed?

If you relate – keep reading to find out how dance therapy at Robbins Rehabilitation East can help you.

As a dancer, an injury is your worst nightmare.

Dancing leaves you feeling strong and empowered — without being able to perform to your full potential, you haven’t been able to feel like yourself.

Your injury has let you down and you want to be able to get back out there, without pain or limitations holding you back.

You’re wondering what the solution is for a dancer like you — looking to improve their strength and techniques.

This is where we come in.

Dance therapy at Robbins Rehabilitation East has solutions waiting for you.

We’ll work with you closely, paying attention to your wants and goals, and develop a personalized plan for recovery.

We do this because we know no two dancers’ injuries or goals are the same.

Your situation is unique and you can expect to be treated as such — while finding the solutions you’ve been tirelessly searching for.

No more sitting out. No more temporary solutions. No more frustration.

We know how debilitating an injury can be — and we can help.

It’s time for you to get back out there, worry and pain-free. Which is precisely what we’ll help you do.

As a dancer with an injury, you don’t have any more time to waste.

You’ve had to sit out on the sidelines, while your friends continue without you.

During practice, the nagging pain is too hard to ignore.

You want to be progressing, but instead, you’re trying to find ways to relieve the pain.

You’re looking for permanent solutions to your problem.

You’re tired of being let down time and time again.

You’re being kept from the activity you’re passionate about and you’re motivated to do something about it.

We can help.

Here at Robbins PT, our dance therapy services will help you reach your personal and fitness goals.

While we help dancers with dance-specific injuries, it’s also important for us to note that you don’t have to have an injury for our dance therapy services. If you’re a dancer who’s looking to strengthen your abilities — we can help you.

We can ensure a well-rounded recovery for the injured dancer or improvements for the dancer looking to progress in their technique.

Combining injury rehabilitation and dance/ballet technique allows us to help you recover successfully. We will work with you closely to get you back out on the dance floor — where you’re meant to be.

That means…

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your dance technique following an injury (or without injury) – we offer coaching services for the dancer who is looking to improve.

When you book with us, we listen to YOU.

We assess your wants, needs, and problems you want to address and then we come up with a personalized plan of action to get you back on track.

It’s important for us to know your goals so we can accurately treat you and get to know your personal experience with the pain or injury.

Then, we work with you based on those goals and get you where you want to be.

It’s time for us to help you — and that’s what we’ll do.

To learn more about our dance therapy services, feel free to fill out a form regarding our availability and cost.

FAQs About Dance Therapy

No! If possible, we will find a way for the dancer to continue dancing, even if it’s in a modified way, unless this practice would be detrimental to their future health.

Yes. Dancers move their bodies differently than the average person so dance-specific exercises are necessary for a full recovery.

Absolutely. Sometimes dancers have injuries that are completely foreign to the average health professional if they are not familiar with common dance injuries. For this reason, someone with dancer experience is recommended.

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