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Free Pain & Movement Assesment

Are you tired of living life in pain? Are you frustrated and actively looking for a solution to get you back to living life YOUR way?

We know it’s important for you to make the best decision when it comes to your health.

You want to make sure you’re making the right choice and you’re unsure if physical therapy is the fit for you. That’s why our FREE Pain & Movement Assessment is the best decision for you – no money commitments AND you get the answers you’ve been looking for.

During your FREE Pain & Movement Assessment – we will answer any and all questions while accurately analyzing your problem, giving you next-step solutions for recovery.

It’s time for us to help you relieve pain and frustration and get you the relief you’ve been tirelessly searching for.

Maybe You’re Wondering…What Will We Do During Your Free Pain & Movement Assessment?

It’s important to us that our patients feel comfortable and listened to when they book with us. This is because we know that some patients may not fully understand what physical therapy is or what it can do for them and the pain or problem they are experiencing. While patients have heard of physical therapy – that doesn’t mean they know what to expect.

That’s why we take the time to accurately explain to you what physical therapy is and what we do here at Robbins Rehabilitation East. This allows us to help the patient better understand OUR goals for helping them.

Then…we want to know what YOUR goals are.

Once we get to know you and listen intently to your goals – we review the history of the problem you’ve been experiencing.

Then, it’s time for us to evaluate how you move. We analyze your range of motion and your strength to help us better assess and understand your problem.

Once we analyze and find out the root cause, we let you know your next step options for recovery.

…And you get all of this for FREE.

That’s right. For FREE.

That means…

With our FREE Pain & Movement Assessment — you get answers.

So…what are you waiting for?

Relief is here and it’s waiting for you with your Free Pain & Movement Assessment.

Fill out a form or give us a call today.

Want To Get Relief Faster?

Choose which option works best for you…