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LVB Healthcare Heroes 2022 – Devin McLaughlin, PTA

Our very own Devin McLaughlin has been named the top Therapeutic Care Provider Hero for the Lehigh Valley Business Healthcare Heroes 2022!

Congratulations Devin!

Check out the write-up that LVB did on Devin below.

When a relatively young patient came to Robbins Rehabilitation East following a stroke, Devin McLaughlin, PTA, jumped at the opportunity to treat him, knowing that it would be a challenging recovery pro­cess. The patient was depressed, lacked motivation and relied on others for help with daily tasks.

“In the beginning, the patient had little to no functional move­ment,” McLaughlin said. “Our first goals dealt with just posi­tioning and moving in his bed. After a couple weeks of physical therapy, the positioning quickly progressed leading to sitting at the edge of the bed. We contin­ued to push and progressed to getting out of bed without a me­chanical lift. It was slow going but the patient continued to move more and more on his own.”

McLaughlin and the patient continued to put in the work and yielded positive results. The patient eventually regained the ability to walk, using a cane to walk more than 50 feet.

“This was something neither he or his family ever thought (he) would be able to do,” Mc­Laughlin said. “I was surprised myself, but it really showed me how amazing the human body is at recovery if you do the right things and have the right attitude.”

Owner Todd S. Robbins said McLaughlin brings endless effort and enthusiasm to his work.

“He is always pushing his pa­tients to do more while giving them the guidance and support they need,” Robbins said. “He continually gives 110% of himself to his patients and to his devel­opment as a therapist. He is com­mitted to being his best so his patients can get the most out of treatment and be their best.”

Physical therapist Kristy Pereira praised McLaughlin’s broad range of knowledge.

“He is able to deliver compli­cated medical information to pa­tients in a compassionate yet en­ergetic and engaging way, which empowers patients to achieve their goals and be much more successful in their rehabilitation,” she said.


Todd Robbins


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