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Robbins Health & Wellness is on an exciting endeavor to invest in our

communities to increase the overall health and longevity of everyone. We deeply

believe in making a change in people’s wellbeing to allow everyone the ability to

live their best life free of unnecessary disease or impairment. Robbins Health &

Wellness was created to help people take control of their lives using models that

incorporate the entire person using our 8 pillars of wellness. Our process is in

depth and includes partnerships with like-minded care givers to provide a high

standard of care.

Did you know?

Enhancing healthspan, boils down to avoiding or prolonging three categories of decline:

  1. Cognitive: decline in executive function, processing speed, and memory
  1. Physical: decline in stability, flexibility, mobility, strength, muscle mass,
    bone density, aerobic function, anaerobic function, functional movement,
    freedom from pain, and sexual function.
    • ​​Individuals with high muscle mass have a 200% decrease in likelihood of death compared to someone with low muscle mass at any point of time
    • Humans naturally lose 2 – 4 % of strength every year.
    • Individuals at the bottom 25% V02 max (maximal rate of oxygen consumption attainable during physical exertion) have a 400% increase likelihood of death compared to someone at the top 25% of VO2 max at any point of time.
  2. Emotional: decline in mindfulness, stress tolerance, social support, sense of purpose, fulfillment, and relationality

Todd Robbins


"We Help Individuals Live Pain-Free, Move Better, and End Their Frustration With The Right Diagnosis And Personalized Care"