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Our Story

Robbins Rehabilitation opened its doors in 2003 using a single room in a chiropractic office. Twin brothers Todd and Travis Robbins weren’t happy with the level of care they saw while working in the Lehigh Valley. This inspired them to raise the bar and offer patients something other than cookie-cutter care within hospital systems and surgical sites.

From humble beginnings, the practice grew to multiple sites and now has East and West divisions to cover the entire Lehigh Valley. Since 2003, Robbins Rehabilitation has focused on quality patient care and successful patient outcomes, building a strong reputation and winning several awards.

Every day Robbins Rehabilitation strives to improve what they call “The Patient Experience”. The practice has always focused on the patient first. This starts from when you call our office until the time you are successfully discharged and beyond.

At every stage of recovery, Robbins Rehabilitation is focused on you.

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