Ciena Lavallee

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Ciena Lavallee PT

My Story:

Ciena grew up in Yorba Linda, CA and is the oldest of the 9 kids in her family. She grew up a competitive gymnast for 13 years who transitioned to racing long distance triathlon her first year of college as a Father’s Day present. Most of her summers growing up were spent helping at her parent’s wrestling camp in northwest Montana, where eventually she met her husband. Surrounded by active parents, siblings in sports and as an athlete herself Ciena found her passion for physical therapy. That passion for physical therapy is what brought her to Robbins Rehabilitation East where she looks forward to sharing her passion for physical therapy with each of her patients and making a difference in the lives around her.


Ciena attended California State University Fullerton graduating in 2014 with an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology in 2014 while competing in age group division long distance triathlons with her dad. Following her undergraduate degree Ciena completed pre-requisite classes for physical therapy school starting her pursuit of her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of St. Augustine in San Marcos, CA in the Spring of 2019. During her time in school Ciena was chosen to be a teacher’s assistant for two upper-level classes and participated in both group and individual tutoring. Graduating in the Fall of 2021 Ciena looks forward to pursuing continuing education credits to further her knowledge and skills as a practicing physical therapist.

Favorite TV Shows/Movies:

The Great British Baking Show, Chopped, Hook, and Rocky.

Favorite Band/Singers:

Skillet, Newsboys, KB, NF, Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, Reba McEntire and Toby Keith are a few of my favorites. I love listening to anything Country or Christian.

Favorite Sport:

Gymnastics, Wrestling and Triathlon. I don’t think that I could pick just one because I love watching all three. Wrestling holds a special place for me since my husband is a competitive Senior Level athlete for the Lehigh Valley Wrestling Club. .

If he has free time you will find Ciena…

Spending time with her husband and their dog, supporting her husband’s wrestling career, working out, exploring outside, reading, cooking and baking.

If left stranded on an island with one choice of food to survive on it would be…

Any kind of fruit, especially summer fruits like peaches, cherries, and watermelon.

Spirit animal:



Great experience, could hardly walk 2 weeks ago. With Todd's GREAT guidance, I am leaving with no pain. I would absolutely recommend Robbins Rehab. Thanks for everything.


My experience here has been a good one. The therapist have done a wonderful job and I leave this place feeling a lot better then when I first came in. I came here because of a balance problem and the improvement is evident. Now I can drive without any fear.


I got all my questions answered about the pain in my neck that goes down to my hand. Robbins Rehabilitation got me in to see a therapist the same day I called and I felt better after just one visit!