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Pushup Progressions That Anyone Can Do

Learn the different pushup progressions stages that you can do from home. There is a version for everyone!

Did you know that heart disease is the #1 cause of death for Americans?In recognition of #AmericanHeartHealthMonth, we wanted to give you a few tips to keep your heart healthy. There are many things you can do to keep your heart healthy such as good diet, good sleep, and less stress. One of the biggest things you can do is GET ACTIVE! Exercise will not only in itself improve your heart health, but it also improves other things needed for a healthy heart. For example, physical activity can improve sleep patterns and stress levels. This post is going to teach you the different pushup progressions that you can start to get more active!

Did you know that there are different pushup variations? Some people only think of the classic pushup position, but there are many variations that get easier or harder. PTA Devin McLaughlin put together this video on pushup progressions to show that there is a version for everyone.

As seen in the vide, pushup progression techniques are as follows (from easiest to hardest):

  1. Wall Pushups: Good for people rehabilitating a shoulder injury.
  2. Incline Pushup: Less arm and shoulder intensive and focuses on the chest and core
  3. Knee pushups: Focuses on chest, shoulders, arms, and abs. Easier variation to the classic pushup
  4. Classic pushup: Great for strengthening chest, shoulders, abs and triceps
  5. Decline Pushup: Focuses more on upper body. Great for strengthening shoulders, upper chest. The steeper the decline, the harder it becomes!

Start with what you feel comfortable with. If one version seems too easy, go to the next one. At least one of these pushup progressions should be doable for most people. As you get stronger, you can try to move to the next step

Finally, if you are experiencing any pain performing any of these pushup progressions do not continue. Reach out to us to schedule a Free Evaluation to see how we can help!


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