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Mina C. – Lebanon

I loved my experience here!  I am a swimmer, and my elbow would hurt which would cause me to slow down.  After only a week of treatment at Robbins Rehab, my arm improved a lot, and I started getting better results at competitions. 

On top of that, the people here are SO nice!  Every day I was greeted with a “good morning” and a smile, and the PTs made me excited to be here.  

Shannon S. – Lebanon

Great personal care.  Everyone from the minute the door opens welcomes you, sees how you are doing and any pain etc. The willingness to work with scheduling appointments – great! 

I came in with lower back and shoulder pain.  Through evaluation and treatments and personal rehab to complete, the process of healing came faster coming here than choosing not to.  The knowledge of the staff is top notch. Thank you. 

 Philip C. – Stroudsburg

Personal contact and intense instruction.  Made sure my rehabilitation workouts progressed quickly with great success 

Compared to other rehabilitation facilities Robbins “small shop” one on one care professionals deliver an extremely high level of care in a friendly atmosphere. 

Charles D. – Stroudsburg

Great personal care.  Everyone from the minute the door opens welcomes you, sees how you are doing and any pain etc. The willingness to work with scheduling appointments – great! 

I came in with lower back and shoulder pain.  Through evaluation and treatments and personal rehab to complete, the process of healing came faster coming here than choosing not to.  The knowledge of the staff is top notch. Thank you. 

Michelle H. – Lebanon

My experience here was wonderful.  I felt like I had 1 on 1 service most of the time and the program was tailored directly to my needs.  Everyone is super friendly and welcoming!  In addition, it was an individualized experience, and you felt like someone was constantly making sure you were doing things correctly.  

Gail W. – Lebanon

This experience has been awesome. I physically feel better, and the people became, in my mind, best friends for the time I was here. I can walk better now and I will continue to do my exercises.

Eric M – Easton

My experience here was great. Good people to work with. I had trouble just walking, now I walk pain free. The therapists and support staff were friendly.  

Jean F. – Easton

I was not able to work without pain. I am feeling great and able to walk my dog without pain and walk upstairs. My quality of life is back to normal. I am happy to do activities I enjoy with NO PAIN! 

Wendy T –  Stroudsburg

Coming off of bunion surgery I had trouble with everything especially because it was driving foot. I had an amazing experience working with Matt and Lisa was awesome too! Very inviting, lots of improvement!

I was very nervous about my surgery and limited movement afterwards but coming here made all the difference.  So much so it made my choice much easier to have my other foot done.  Highly recommend! I will be back! 

Charlie D –  Stroudsburg

The Thursday after Christmas 2022 I could hardly walk after working construction project. I crawled to the bathroom on my hands and knees. I had a hard time walking and bending. My Therapist Matt set in motion a program of stretching activities with the ball on table and wall, and also a bike warm up. He also stretched my body. The care of making sure they understood my needs was nice. After receiving a few treatments, progress was seen every day. Also, in the beginning, I viewed the motivation video from Todd that emphasized the importance of my visits. I couldn’t walk a mile, now I can with no problem. Thank you so much
Donna K – Coopersburg
Before PT, I experienced pain while white water kayaking, especially when rolling my boat. I had been going to a chiropractor for years but only experiencing temporary relief. After 26 weeks of PT, I can kayak without pain and all the exercises have made me stronger, especially in my core. Initially bird dogs were challenging and frustrating but now I can do it with ease and confidence. Mac and Kasey create a supportive and fun environment. They’ve done a great job explaining exercises and my progression. They are great motivators.

Donald & Mary Ann V. – Coopersburg

The program was very well organized and administered. Mac and Kasey kept us moving. Their expertise kept me moving. Their knowledge was valuable to me for the future.

The pleasant atmosphere made us anxious to return as frequently as possible. The exercises as well as the advice (drinking more water daily) are helpful and improved my balance as well as eliminating most nighttime cramps. I feel more competent on my own balance and stamina.

At the beginning, doing certain activities like sports, or even just sitting, increased my pain immensely. Now I am able to do more activities without getting increased pain most of the time. Everyone here is always in a positive and encouraging mood. They made sure I know that they always want what is best for me and made me look forward to PT!

Elizabeth M – Stroudsburg

“I am extremely pleased with the progress I made thanks to the excellent PT program with both Devin and Matt. They were very knowledgeable, but also made my time here fun! I also learned a lot about anatomy and exactly what I was dealing with. Results, various modalities of care (I really liked electrical stim and compression), and great personalities of entire team… including Lisa!”
I had problems after sitting awhile and had trouble walking with my right knee painful. I was given exercises (Matt never pushed me beyond what I could do). The staff always happy to see me and always willing to work with my crazy schedule. I no longer have any difficulty getting out of the chair and walking!
My overall experience was excellent. I have never had PT before, so I was not sure what to expect. The Robbins Rehab center is a friendly place, wonderful people working and Matt is super positive and very encouraging. My neck started feeling better after a few weeks of PT.
Robbins Rehabilitation in Lebanon is my go-to physical therapy place, not only because it is close to my house, but also because they are the best people who want to make you feel better. My back pain is better than before, and I am more educated and armed with knowledge to continue to manage this on my own. I love this place. Te people are great: caring, knowledgeable, and truly want you to feel better.
Was an amazing experience again. Amazing people and great vibes. Driving, sitting and working have definitely improved. Amazing people. Do not just care about getting you better but care about You as well.
Before Physical Therapy, I could not run, lunge, squat, or jump, and experienced extreme stiffness in the morning when getting out of bed. Now, I am fully back in the gym, doing legs and glutes 2-3x a week, and feel 100% better in the morning. The team set me up with an at-home stim machine, and exercises to do on my own time that significantly improved my mobility as well. The staff is knowledgeable, warm, kind and experienced. They answered all my questions and concerns. I wish I came here sooner! I was able to wear heels at my wedding because of Robbins Rehab!
Robbins’s renewed my faith in PT. After a previous experience at another facility, I really feel less pain and more mobility in my feet. I also appreciate being told what each exercise was for. I felt like I was a part of my treatment plan, not just talked to and told what to do.
My experience was above and beyond what I expected. When I first started, I basically crawled in and had trouble with simple day to day tasks. Now I am much stronger and able to do things that were impossible a few months ago.
I could not have asked for a better experience! Jess and Holly were always so attentive and open to changing my exercises when something wasn’t working. Their positive energy made it fun coming in the past 6 months. I wasn’t able to sleep on my side, touch my toes or take deep breaths when I first started, and now I’m doing YOGA! I would say I have improved 95% since starting PT. Thank you for everything!
Carson S. – Easton

I really enjoyed coming here; it helped me a lot. When I started, I wasn’t able to run, cut, or jump because of my knee. Now, I am able to run and jump and do all the things I was able to do before I hurt it.

Laurie V. – Stroudsburg

“I looked forward to coming and working with Matt. He always listened to me even when I was uncomfortable and worked with me. It was nice to go from 10 to 0 pain. Robbins Rehabilitation is very caring, and they work with you to get you to your fullest.”

Eva G – Stroudsburg
“I had stretches that I had difficulty with and as I continued working with Matt and exercising at home. All other activities were great and improved my pain. Because my condition was taken care of, I actually feel great!”
Priscilla D. – Lebanon
It started slow as both knees were in trouble with fractures and tendon tears. The pace was perfect to gradually improve to the point where I was comfortable with all movement and squatting. The staff was atmosphere is calming and encouraging.
Ryan D – Stroudsburg
“Amazing, I always had shin splints when running and week ankles. Matt helped strengthen my legs and had a great senior track season. I ran my fastest 400m, 52.22 seconds and held the 2nd place school record. All thanks to thoughtful care at RRE. Great PT felt welcomed and comfortable. Clean facility and awesome atmosphere”
Derek A – Stroudsburg
“It came at a time when I needed to recognize how important an exercise routine is to me, my life always had some sort of exercise routine in it. Thanks to the staff at your rehabilitation center, I was able to recover and get back to feeling comfortable in my daily chores and work and added back to feeling comfortable in my daily chores and work and added exercise to my daily routine. Thanks to the staff for their added smiles to my journey. Care and the added personal touch by the staff!”

Jezaree V – Stroudsburg

“My experience was fantastic, they listened when I said I was having difficulties with certain activities. They actually listened!!”

Mason N – Easton

The staff at Robbins Rehabilitation East are great; they are friendly and supportive! I was challenged by the movements at times but received plenty of help along the way.

Jess W – Stroudsburg

I learned exercises to strengthen my neck and shoulders. The culture was uplifting and absolutely full of life. Jess, Holly, and Dana have become my friends; they have sheer hearts of gold.

Nancy R – Stroudsburg

Personalized Attention. I have been to another PT practice where the therapist was treating 5-7 patients at a time. I was given written instructions for exercise but not supervised. Devin was always right there to check on my progress. (Matt too)

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