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At the beginning, doing certain activities like sports, or even just sitting, increased my pain immensely. Now I am able to do more activities without getting increased pain most of the time. Everyone here is always in a positive and encouraging mood. They made sure I know that they always want what is best for me and made me look forward to PT!
First, everyone was so welcoming when I first came to PT. I have done PT in two other places and it was ok, but this experience was great! Everyone was so helpful and encouraging. My neck issue was taken care of quickly, but then I injured my back and they were there to help with heat, massage, stim and exercises. This is such a friendly and encouraging atmosphere, you don’t want to leave!
I had problems after sitting awhile and had trouble walking with my right knee painful. I was given exercises (Matt never pushed me beyond what I could do). The staff always happy to see me and always willing to work with my crazy schedule. I no longer have any difficulty getting out of the chair and walking!
My overall experience was excellent. I have never had PT before, so I was not sure what to expect. The Robbins Rehab center is a friendly place, wonderful people working and Matt is super positive and very encouraging. My neck started feeling better after a few weeks of PT.
Robbins Rehabilitation in Lebanon is my go-to physical therapy place, not only because it is close to my house, but also because they are the best people who want to make you feel better. My back pain is better than before, and I am more educated and armed with knowledge to continue to manage this on my own. I love this place. Te people are great: caring, knowledgeable, and truly want you to feel better.
Was an amazing experience again. Amazing people and great vibes. Driving, sitting and working have definitely improved. Amazing people. Do not just care about getting you better but care about You as well.
Before Physical Therapy, I could not run, lunge, squat, or jump, and experienced extreme stiffness in the morning when getting out of bed. Now, I am fully back in the gym, doing legs and glutes 2-3x a week, and feel 100% better in the morning. The team set me up with an at-home stim machine, and exercises to do on my own time that significantly improved my mobility as well. The staff is knowledgeable, warm, kind and experienced. They answered all my questions and concerns. I wish I came here sooner! I was able to wear heels at my wedding because of Robbins Rehab!
Robbins’s renewed my faith in PT. After a previous experience at another facility, I really feel less pain and more mobility in my feet. I also appreciate being told what each exercise was for. I felt like I was a part of my treatment plan, not just talked to and told what to do.
My experience was above and beyond what I expected. When I first started, I basically crawled in and had trouble with simple day to day tasks. Now I am much stronger and able to do things that were impossible a few months ago.
I could not have asked for a better experience! Jess and Holly were always so attentive and open to changing my exercises when something wasn’t working. Their positive energy made it fun coming in the past 6 months. I wasn’t able to sleep on my side, touch my toes or take deep breaths when I first started, and now I’m doing YOGA! I would say I have improved 95% since starting PT. Thank you for everything!
Terri A.
Jenna and Devin are rockstars. I had a knee replacement and spent several days a week at Robbins with Jenna and Devin for over 4 1/2 months. The level of care, treatment and patience I received from them was second to none. Highly, highly recommend!!
Bill H.
I came to Robbins in search of diagnostics and rehabilitation of my back. What I gained was a whole lot more. Robbins targeted key stretches/exercises/techniques that not only rehabbed my back issues but strengthened it as well. Thank you to Dylan Paul and the whole Robbins team!!
Janell B.
The entire staff at Robbins Rehabilitation East is extremely knowledgeable about injuries and the therapy to help it heal. They are very friendly, personable and make your experience there a great one. I highly recommend Robbins!
Brenda L.
Robbins Rehab has an amazing environment and the staff is welcoming and friendly. I came here for a shoulder injury and they have been great throughout my time here. The staff is knowledgeable and explain things thoroughly. I highly recommend this place for anyone suffering from an injury. Robbins will get you back on track!
Genny C.
I can’t say enough about this place, every employee is amazing. I’m doing things, I thought was impossible! My mind and body is responding to the workouts. Everyone here is patient and listens to my (body)complaints and helps me overcome them. I always feel stronger and more confident after a session. If you give 💯, because they give you 💯Thank you all!
Evelyn F.
I had an amazing experience at Robbins! I love how involved they are with you, and they never fail to challenge you. In addition, everyone was super friendly, and it was such a fun environment to be in. I had knee problems, and I left there with little pain to no pain in activities I had much pain beforehand. I highly recommend this place to anyone who needs physical therapy because no doubt that Robbins will help you in any way possible!
Loanne P.
The therapists and staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and caring. I received PT at the Phillipsburg location to help correct years of bad posture. There was always an atmosphere of fun throughout the experience. I would highly recommend Robbins Rehabilitation.
Caroline K.
I am pumped to take care of my knee with help of Todd and his staff. Meeting with Todd for my consult was more than pleasurable. He was extremely personable, knowledgeable, and caring. Kudos to Emily for helping me to schedule my therapy sessions. We got this!
Robert N.
I had an excellent experience at Robbins Rehab East. The therapists are very knowledgeable and give personalized attention to your specific needs. Both my neck and sciatic pain are much improved after therapy at Robbins. I continue to do the PT exercises I was taught on a daily basis. Thank you, Robbins Rehab!
Renee S.
I have had three major surgeries on my shoulder, last one being a total shoulder replacement. I am improving each time I attend, thanks to the wonderful physical therapist at Robbins Rehab. I have had two hip replacements, going elsewhere for PT. This, by far, is the best place to get your physical therapy.
Brian G.
Robbins Rehabilitation facility in Lebanon NJ was a great experience. Everyone was super friendly and very positive vibes! They show great concern for me and others that come to this place! I am very pleased with how they rebuild and strengthen my knee! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs to get back to 100 percent!
Kathy R.
I had spine surgery on December 3 2020 for Scoliosis that pinched my sciatic nerve. I can’t say anything but the best for my physical therapy at Robbins in Phillipsburg to get me back on my feet. I had pain for almost a year and a half before surgery even with going to a facility twice before surgery. I found Robbins through my new insurance company and I am finally pain free. I am so Thankful to Robbins and all their great therapists.
Jim T.
I was experiencing relatively moderate pain in the center of my back which was localized but also stimulating or aggravating the ulnar / radial nerve in my left arm and experiencing tingling in my fingers and lower arm. I’ve been In physical therapy at Robbins Rehabilitation East, located in Coopersburg, PA. for a few weeks, and I’ve noticed a tremendous improvement on the minimization of my upper back pain. Currently, I’ve worked with Dylan and Kasey and I’ve met most of the staff as well as Mac and the owner of the rehabilitation centers, Todd Robbins. Just being there a short time, I can see all of them have innate ability for appreciation, sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep understanding concern for the particular patients needs. Through my continuing rehabilitation It’s important to know at this facility, the people are truly professionals and best in their field! I highly recommend this facility for anyone who has any type of musculoskeletal issues or requires rehab of an injury or just minimization or elimination of pain issues. Thank you for being who you are and your pursuit of passion in your field of endeavor and improving the quality of life in your patients. You all exemplify excellence, commitment, honesty and compassion! I appreciate all you do at this facility!
Lucia A.
I was referred to PT for patellar maltracking. I went into PT with a preconceived notion that PT wasn’t a real thing and I could just Google and do my own exercises… I have been proved VERY WRONG! First, walking into the office, Beth at the front desk is a delight and always so happy and kind. All other staff have been great as well and I have been working solely with Mac. His initial eval was very thorough and he really took the time to understand what my issues were and future mobility goals are. I have been working with Mac for 3 weeks now and am feeling AWESOME! He has convinced me that there is something to this PT thing with the combo of soft tissue mobilization, targeted/closely monitored exercise, and stim/heat therapy. He keeps me challenged and changes up my workouts to ensure I continually improve and get stronger. PT has become the highlight of my week and if I ever have to stop I swear I will cry! ABSOLUTE GAME and LIFE CHANGER!
Krina P.
Great place to go for PT! Staff is awesome all around, friendly, fun, and super caring! I did my initial evaluation in the Phillipsburg office and Todd the owner was great! I then proceeded to do my sessions in the Coopersburg office with Mac Weiss who was excellent. He makes the sessions fun and is overall the best Physical Therapist I’ve had! Highly recommend Robbins Rehab to anyone seeking physical therapy for any type of issue!!
Jack D.
The staff at Robinson Rehabilitation were the nicest an most professional people I have come across in a long time.From the moment I walked in (Max) made me feel so comfortable an he did everything he could to relieve my pain.Thanks Max for always being helpful!!!
Amy S.
After two visits with Mac Weiss at Robbins, I went from zero mobility and a ton of pain from Sciatica, to being able to move painlessly with breaks. It was an amazing change in a day. I highly recommend Robbins in Coopersburg! I can’t wait to continue my healing journey there. I’m pretty sure Mac is a PT wizard!
Lynn G.
The therapy and the education I received at Robbins Coopersburg location was very helpful. Mac was my main therapist. He took the time to explain in detail how the mind, body and food affect our overall health in conjunction with PT and he lit up the room while doing so. His overall pleasant personality made the work for my knees actually fun! The app which lists and demonstrates the exercises with a video clip for each is a motivating addition for home use between sessions. This company is first class and I highly recommend physical therapy here. It outshines previous places I’ve experienced due to the encouraging atmosphere and knowledge gained!

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