We think it is best that you hear how Robbins Rehabilitation is helping people from our patients. Please enjoy their stories of recovery knowing yours is right around the corner.


Katee M. – Lebanon

I hurt my back really badly before coming to PT during a CrossFit class. I couldn’t even change cat litter or tie my own shoes. My friend Janine recommended Robbins Rehabilitation East, not just because of their service, but because of the people. Coming to Robbins has not just cured my back, but taught me how to prevent future injuries and maintain a better posture. In the healing process, I have had so many laughs here and made new friends that have treated me like family. I love it here!

Jordan H. – Easton

I had trouble taking off my shirt and moving my hair out of my face. I can now do that with no pain. I can work without feeling much pain and I can work full time too. Everyone here was nice, very helpful, and so pleasant. I am sad to be leaving.

Emil P. – Lebanon

I had problems with my balance, walking, and bending.

Catherine T. – Phillipsburg

When I came to Robbins, I was in a boot and could hardly walk. Kristy showed respect for my boundaries and listened to my body. Together we were able to get me to a point where I am in a show and walking. Kristy and Jenna worked with my neck trying to decrease my migraine intensity and frequency. Kristy treats each of her patients individually. It is obvious that she cares about her patients. Whenever I had to cancel due to being sick, she’d personally check up on me. She is willing to listen to my body and not force my recovery.

Art S. – Easton

This experience has been satisfying and beneficial. Less pain overall. I’ve learned much about the origins of my discomfort, giving me the ability to control and relieve my symptoms.

Joe S. – Easton

I had a great experience. The staff is amazing and I would recommend Robbins Rehab to anyone. My strength/flexibility are much better.

Jaime D. – Lebanon

Before coming to Robbins, I really couldn’t do anything functional without it resulting in pain. I was unable to rotate (like a normal, functional human being), sleeping through the night was impossible, and getting up and down throughout the day felt like a chore. Joe never gave up and eventually we found a routine and approach to alleviating my lower back pain that worked for me. 14 months and 95 visits later, I am feeling like a new person. Physical Therapy has really brought life back to my days.

Woody W. – Easton

The staff helped me progress the best they could. I was very satisfied.

Brandi T. – Easton

When I first started therapy, my neck was stiff and I was having major tingling down my right arm and hand. Working with Joe P and Jenna H gave me back my range of motion in my neck, as well as the skills to control my symptoms. The entire staff was professional, nice, and helpful. This was my favorite PT experience.

Lisa E. – Easton

I am 95% better. I was unable to walk, but now I am able to walk 2 miles. The personal one-on-one help I received from each PT or PTA was very helpful. They patiently instructed me with exercises to get me back to normal.


Great experience, could hardly walk 2 weeks ago. With Todd's GREAT guidance, I am leaving with no pain. I would absolutely recommend Robbins Rehab. Thanks for everything.


My experience here has been a good one. The therapist have done a wonderful job and I leave this place feeling a lot better then when I first came in. I came here because of a balance problem and the improvement is evident. Now I can drive without any fear.


I got all my questions answered about the pain in my neck that goes down to my hand. Robbins Rehabilitation got me in to see a therapist the same day I called and I felt better after just one visit!