We think it is best that you hear how Robbins Rehabilitation is helping people from our patients. Please enjoy their stories of recovery knowing yours is right around the corner.


Kendra S. – Phillipsburg

“Before PT I was unable to walk without crutches.  I was very nervous to start because I’ve never been to PT for anything before.  Luckily, Jenna made me feel comfortable and helped me laugh along this journey!”

Christine J. – Lebanon

“I came to Robbins after breaking my ankle falling off a horse.  When I started, I was still restricted to a boot and had lost significant range of motion in my joint.  I had a lot of anxiety over coming to PT, but when I researched ones in my area, this one had an office dog, so here I came.  Over the weeks I was able to regain flexibility that I had lost from being in a boot, and everyone here made me feel overall more at ease.  I am back to riding silly young horses and couldn’t be happier!”

Sandy S. – Easton

“I could not use my right arm for anything.  I started physical therapy for my posture and range of motion.  It was difficult for me to “relax” and let the therapist do the work.  All were very helpful and encouraging and we progressed.  After many weeks, I was finally allowed to start using my arm and my therapy progressed.  I gained strength and regained my previous range of motion.  I love Robbins Rehab and all of the staff.  They are pleasant, polite, and push you to reach your fullest capacity.  They gave me my shoulder back after my reverse shoulder replacement 5 years ago and repeated the process for my scapula.”

Alice B. – Lebanon

“From the start, I had confidence that I was in good hands.  After a painful break, the team of “Mac and Joe” helped me to recover, gain strength, and range of motion.  Plus, I finished armed with a program to continue keeping up my progress.  I will miss all of the staff.”

Deb J. – Easton

“I highly recommend Joe. He’s knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, and fun when he needs to be.  I had a lot of trouble sitting for any period of time.  Bending was also problematic.  After my course of PT I have seen improvement.  I especially like how the healing philosophy goes beyond just the physical and looks at the whole person.”

Arthur F. – Lebanon

“This has easily been one of the best PT experiences that I have ever had.  From start to finish, top notch! The injury brings you in, but the people make you want to come back and finish what you started.”

Angela G. – Easton

“When I first started, I couldn’t move my arm at all.  Each day it became much easier.  Joe was wonderful and helped me get to where I needed to be.”

William B. – Phillipsburg

“This is my third round of physical therapy with Robbins.  Each time the staff has exceeded my expectations by providing care that has increased my mobility and lowered my pain levels in various areas of my back.  Kristy and Jay truly care about their patients, and taught me multiple stretches that I continue to use to maintain my chronic pain.”

Jackie G. – Lebanon

“Before PT, I couldn’t run on the treadmill without intense hip pain.  I was also having difficulty lifting free weights.  Those are an important aspect of my daily routine, so to not be able to do them was depressing.  After a few weeks of PT, I am back!  No more pain!  Thanks, Robbins!”

Wanita C. – Easton

“I enjoyed everyone at Robbins, especially Jenna.  She’s a breath of fresh air.  Very knowledgeable and friendly,  I was having elbow pain and she was able to pin point where the pain was originating and was able to help me elevate the pain and get my range of motion back.  Highly recommend this team to anyone.”


Great experience, could hardly walk 2 weeks ago. With Todd's GREAT guidance, I am leaving with no pain. I would absolutely recommend Robbins Rehab. Thanks for everything.


My experience here has been a good one. The therapist have done a wonderful job and I leave this place feeling a lot better then when I first came in. I came here because of a balance problem and the improvement is evident. Now I can drive without any fear.


I got all my questions answered about the pain in my neck that goes down to my hand. Robbins Rehabilitation got me in to see a therapist the same day I called and I felt better after just one visit!