We think it is best that you hear how Robbins Rehabilitation is helping people from our patients. Please enjoy their stories of recovery knowing yours is right around the corner.


Caitlin F. – Lebanon

“My experience here has been wonderful!  Everyone is kind and are always ready to help.  Before coming to  PT all the exercises were challenging and painful.  Now I have increased flexibility and have seen more hip strength.  Stim after therapy always helps!”

Brian G. – Phillipsburg

“Very polite and thorough and good.  Knowledgeable.”

Barbara H. – Easton

“I experienced great workouts for my therapy recovering from my fractured ankle.  ALL the therapists helped me so much with strengthening my ankle within one month of coming here twice a week.  Thank you all so much.”

Joseph R. – Easton

“My experience was excellent.  The staff did a great job listening to me to understand my injury and a great job explaining the physiological reasons for the program/exercises that they had me doing.  I had trouble with mobility in my right pinky finger because of dislocation.  I was able to improve that over my time here.  I still have a little ways to 100%, but I am positioned well to get there through my home program.”

Carmen N. – Easton

“Used Robbins Rehab – had great results – Good people, good service.  Will be back in the future.”

Steve S. – Easton

“Extremely easy to work with!  Did a great job explaining and classifying my injury.  Gave me precise exercises to work my injury into remission and full health!”

Julie F. – Easton

“Thank you for the professional expertise that brought me back to functioning to do all that I need to do!”

John D. – Easton

“My experience here was a good one.  I learned PT things to do at home and will try to follow through.” 

Kenny G. – Lebanon

“Very pleasant people, very professional and caring.  Leg was weaker and not as flexible before my sessions here.”

Marie C. – Phillipsburg

I had a wonderful experience – I came in with tears from pain from the hand and wrist to my arm.  I could not do anything with my hand.  With my therapy and my homework I can do much more with my hand, and I have better hope that I can do more in the future.


Great experience, could hardly walk 2 weeks ago. With Todd's GREAT guidance, I am leaving with no pain. I would absolutely recommend Robbins Rehab. Thanks for everything.


My experience here has been a good one. The therapist have done a wonderful job and I leave this place feeling a lot better then when I first came in. I came here because of a balance problem and the improvement is evident. Now I can drive without any fear.


I got all my questions answered about the pain in my neck that goes down to my hand. Robbins Rehabilitation got me in to see a therapist the same day I called and I felt better after just one visit!