We think it is best that you hear how Robbins Rehabilitation is helping people from our patients. Please enjoy their stories of recovery knowing yours is right around the corner.


Susan S. – Easton

When I first came to Robbins, I had trouble sleeping, standing, and my flexibility was next to none. After working with Devin and Joe, they taught me the correct ways to stretch, and came up with some awesome stability exercises to do at home that have helped me so much. I can even almost reach my toes! I will take everything I have learned and continue to do my home workouts. 

Christine D. – Easton

I greatly appreciate the individual evaluation and plan of care tailored to my needs as well as the excellent instruction and education the therapists gave me on subjects such as physiology and mechanics. My wellness goals were achieved with the education I received as an added bonus! 

Grace P. – Easton

Physical therapy at Robbins is a great experience. I am so grateful to every therapist and this organization! 

Dana E. – Easton

When I first started physical therapy at Robbins, I was in pain and unable to do simple things like get out of the car, get up from the floor without struggling, and also going up and down stairs. Devin M. was a lifesaver as he gave me the tools to be able to do these activities and motions without pain. I am forever grateful for his time, effort, and skill. It was a wonderful experience with a fantastic and knowledgeable physical therapist. 

Marcia T. – Easton

When I first came to Robbins, I had trouble walking, getting out of chairs, standing for long periods of time, and climbing up and down stairs. Now, I am able to do all of these things without pain. Every therapist who worked with me was great and so helpful! I would highly recommend Robbins to everyone because the entire staff is so understanding and friendly. They have truly helped me gain a better quality of life. 

Joseph S. – Easton

This was my second time using Robbins for PT. I feel that the services they provide are genuine, and you do not get treated like just another patient as is the case with some of the larger providers. The team did an excellent job of helping me get my range of motion and strength back from a torn tricep ligament. 

Ruth L. – Easton

Robbins helped me with my bad headaches. They came on really suddenly, and they made me feel better on the same day! The staff is all very nice and understanding, and the therapists never rush you through your appointments. 

Nishali R. – Easton

I had two full weeks of continuous dizziness making walking, bending down, and driving difficult. At Robbins, it was so easy to schedule my appointments and get my symptoms resolved!

Sharon T. – Phillipsburg

“All the PT therapists were extremely knowledgeable and personable.  They all went above and beyond to help your recovery and reach your full potential.  Loved going to my appointments.  I will miss them now that I am better.  Keep up the great work guys!!”

Mihaela T. – Easton

“Before I started physical therapy, I had severe pain, and it was very difficult for me to move my right shoulder, I had to assist it with my left hand.  Now, I feel no pain, and I can use my right shoulder again.  The team that helped my recovery is awesome, considerate, and they have patience with me and answers to all of my concerns and questions.”


Great experience, could hardly walk 2 weeks ago. With Todd's GREAT guidance, I am leaving with no pain. I would absolutely recommend Robbins Rehab. Thanks for everything.


My experience here has been a good one. The therapist have done a wonderful job and I leave this place feeling a lot better then when I first came in. I came here because of a balance problem and the improvement is evident. Now I can drive without any fear.


I got all my questions answered about the pain in my neck that goes down to my hand. Robbins Rehabilitation got me in to see a therapist the same day I called and I felt better after just one visit!