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What you need to know to live longer,
healthier and happier in the 21st century.

Over the last 21 years, I have treated thousands of patients and have come to understand there is one constant in healthcare: CHANGE. That is what I love about what we do. It will constantly progress and improve as we understand the science of the human body and how it works. Chronic disease conditions are what is most affecting my patients and their ability to live full and functional lives.

Their bodies are breaking down and after lots of repeated stress, they have pain and dysfunction. My goal is not to just resolve the back, knee, or shoulder pain my patients have. I want them to live longer and have less chronic dysfunction that increases their “Healthspan” AND “Lifespan”. Read our wellness article on page 3 for some interesting thoughts on “Healthspan”. The way we practice medicine is evolving. Let’s get a quick history and understand its progression in simple terms.

Medicine 1.0: We started to understand the human body and how science directs
health, illness and death. It wasn’t a demon, the Sun God, or witchcraft that made you
sick; there was a true reason for any decline in your health.

Medicine 2.0: In the late 1800’s “Germ Theory” comes to light, and we started to use the
scientific method and effective research. It was good at treating acute conditions including
physical trauma, infection, and heart attacks. We are currently living in Medicine 2.0 “We
have reached the limits of medicine 2.0 capacity, and if longevity is something we are
aspiring for, we need a new strategy” -Dr. Peter Attia. We need to take Medicine to the
NEXT level and evolve in the 21st century to…

Medicine 3.0: Predicated on early preventative measures for chronic
conditions (not acute conditions), which are now the dominant source of
morbidity and mortality. 4 out of 5 people in our country will die this year from
something that was completely preventable! In order to take medicine into
the future, we need to understand that treating symptoms and acute
conditions is important but we need to do MORE. We need to take a look at
the human body on a longer timeline that may extend over 100 years. My
personal goal is to live to 111 years old and run the 100 Meter dash in a
respectable time for a Centenarian. In order to do that, I need to start
working on it NOW.

At Robbins Rehabilitation East, we want to help all our patients increase their Lifespan and their
Healthspan. Stay tuned to our website and your email inbox for updates on our new Wellness program
and everything we are doing to help our patients live not only longer but BETTER.

See you in Medicine 3.0!


Todd Robbins


"We Help Individuals Live Pain-Free, Move Better, and End Their Frustration With The Right Diagnosis And Personalized Care"